Lincoln, NE Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Schedule at a Glance


25 min. Latin chant both Dialectic and Rhetoric students

45 min.  Grammar/Writing:

For Dialectic students: Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW)

For Rhetoric students: Lost Tools of Writing (Circe Institute)

Homework required—writing assignments.

15 min.  Speech:  Student presentations and historical speech recitation—one of each per quarter.

Homework required—preparation of memory speech and research-based presentation

60 min.  

Dialectic Students: Art/Science (Alternating weeks):  Art history presentation and discussion, followed by 2 hands-on art projects per quarter.  3 Science hands-on science labs designed to coordinate with home use of Exploring Creation with General Science and Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Jay Wile.

30 min.   Catholic Culture/Intro to Socratic Discussion:  One literature selection studied per quarter alternating with virtue study/discussion. Variety of genres selected, including poetry.

Homework required—reading book selection and preparing preparation for indepth class discussion.

30 min.   Tour Guide-Alternating Geography and History/Timeline:  discussion of important historical events as the basis of creating a timeline notebook, learning to draw countries freehand by memory.

Homework required—creation of a Timeline notebook.

Homework optional—Tour Guide memory for student wishing to achieve Super Scholar achievement.