Lincoln, NE Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse


CSH – Timeline 3 Cycle (2022-23 Academic Year)

25 min. Latin chant (Dialectic and Rhetoric scholars)

45 min.  Grammar/Writing:

Dialectic: Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Rhetoric: Lost Tools of Writing (Circe Institute)

Homework required—writing assignments.

15 min.  Speech:  Student presentations and historical speech recitation—one of each per quarter.

Homework required—preparation of memory speech and research-based presentation

60 minutes |  Dialectic: Art/Science (Alternating weeks):  Art history presentation and discussion, followed by 2 hands-on art projects per quarter.  Three Science hands-on science labs designed to coordinate with home use of Exploring Creation with General Science and Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Jay Wile.

30 minutes | Catholic Culture/Intro to Socratic Discussion:  One literature selection studied per quarter alternating with virtue study/discussion. Variety of genres selected, including poetry.

Homework required—reading book selection and preparing preparation for in-depth class discussion.

30 minutes | CSH Year 3 Tour Guide-Alternating Geography and History/Timeline: Discussion of important historical events as the basis of creating a timeline notebook, and learning to draw countries freehand by memory.

Homework required—scholars create their own History Timeline notebook.

Homework optional—Tour Guide memory for scholars that desire to achieve Super Scholar achievement.