Lincoln, NE Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Cost to Join

Registration ~ $75 per family with the “early bird” discount until March 15.  After March 15 the standard $95 applies.  May be paid online with registration, where you will be redirected to PayPal to pay the fee.  Goes to Catholic Schoolhouse, Inc, a non-profit corporation to further develop the program and to give you access to Basecamp, a members-only sharing site.  Supports the CSH mission of helping Catholic homeschool communities thrive in order to mentor one another in the Faith.

Supply Fee ~ $85 per grammar student/$165 per upper level student.  Payable to your Chapter.  CSH will not nickel and dime you all year.   The supply fee pays for classroom needs, such as copies, pencils, student binders.  It also covers quality science and art supplies.  Think of this as $25 for the classroom, $25 for science, $25 for art.  The upper level fee also pays for literature, writing and textbook needs.  Any extra will go toward the Semester Showcases and Super Scholar Awards.

Student fee ~ $250 per grammar student/$300 per upper level student.  Payable to your Chapter.  Student fees stay with your local program.  Used for remaining facility costs, insurance fees, background checks and miscellaneous administrative expenses; the remainder to reimburse your tutors and director for their time.  It is a real bargain—just $2.56 per hour for class instruction, science experiments, chorus, and an art class!

Facility Fee ~ Cost per family.  TBD.  Payable to your Chapter.  Goes to Cristo Rey Parish for use of their facilities and Church.  We are grateful for their generosity and openness to our homeschool group.  What a blessing to be near Jesus in the Eucharist!

Nursery ~ $250 per child.  Payable to your Chapter.  Used to pay nursery workers.  

As part of a Chapter, you will receive materials at the discounted rate below by ordering through your director.

Tour 2 Bundle:  $95 per family.  Required.  Contains the following:

Tour Guide: 24 weeks of memory work for home review.

Memory Work CD Set:  Makes memory work easy and enjoyable!   Allows for “car-schooling” time driving to and from Catholic Schoolhouse.

History Cards: Necessary for learning the timeline.  Use them as flashcards. The backs provide a paragraph that acts as cheat sheet for you to talk about the subject with your student—and always sound smart!  Used extensively with dialectic students.

CSH Art and Science ~ $33/$25  Optional.  In a registered program these will be provided for your art and science tutor at no cost.  If you wish to have the full–color, full-page art reproductions and background info to access at home, you are welcome to purchase your own copy.