Lincoln, NE Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse


Pre-Grammar and Grammar Students (ages 3-11)

Our day begins together with Morning Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Chorus, and Spanish exposure.

Students then move onto their “homeroom” classes which include memory work on the subjects of religion, history, timeline, geography, Latin, language arts, and math.  A variety of games, chants, songs and seat work are used for the introduction and review of this memory work.   Students also have the opportunity to give and listen to presentations.

In Art class, students learn a bit of art history and create a unique piece of art from the time period being studied.  In Science class, students partake in a hands-on experiment or activity, expanding on their homeroom science studies.

At 12:30, everyone joins together for the Angelus, lunch and recess.  All spend a little time cleaning up before departing at 1:30.