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Geography Resources

January 27, 2016 | Posted by Lincoln, NE Catholic Schoolhouse

A friend recently sent me a link to this wonderful (and free!) educational geography website: Seterra Online.

It is a great way to review the memory work as we study Europe and Asia.   Students will be given the name of a country and asked to click it on the map.  It keeps a running clock so your kids can try to beat their previous times. Go further and memorize regions, cities, and flags, too!


My new favorite geography resource is a book called Draw Europe by Kristen J. Draeger.

Look how fun this is!  Instructions are given to identify and draw the shapes of countries and borders that look like “a dinosaur head emerging from a blob” and “an unshelled peanut” and “Santa’s bag”.  We draw just a few countries at a time.  I am giddy!  And the kids love it, too.

And finally, Scrunch Maps!  Now, these I haven’t even tried yet.  But I love the concept.  Throw one in the book basket, lay it out on the floor to identify a place in the book you’re reading, then wad it back up for next time. Indestructible!  I’m sold.

Here’s to traveling the world in our very own homes.  Enjoy!