Lincoln, NE Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse


Dialectic students (ages 12-14)

Catholic Schoolhouse is a place for the whole family.

We are excited about the opportunities that are growing each year for our upper level students, making your day out of the house worthwhile for your entire family.  Our focus in the dialectic years is on peer interaction—the thing most difficult to do at home—in an academic setting that will challenge students to reach higher achievement, all centered around the Tour Guide Timeline for family unity.  Keeping it fun and engaging will lead them to look forward to their Catholic Schoolhouse day.

The dialectic student is emerging from the grammar stage with a head full of memorized facts and interesting knowledge that has been acquired on the journey.  Some view these “middle school” years as sort of “clean-up” years–a time to get busy, get an organized plan and make sure the student is ready for high school.  While this can be a useful approach, the dialectic stage is so much more.  It is also the time to allow the students’ awakening skills of argument and contradiction to be cultivated and steered.

Also called the logic stage, it is the time to help the student have fun with his new brain in the exercise of logic and analysis.  (Read more at