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July 10, 2015 | Posted by Sandra


Free Botany Lapbook here.  This lapbook is set up to correspond with pages from the Usborne Science Encyclopedia. Below is a possible way to use this with the Catholic Schoolhouse Tour Guide Year 2 Quarter 1.

CSH Week 1
Parts of a Cell Plant: Pages 250-251
Leaf Structure: pages 260-263
Types of Roots: Pages 252-253

CSH Week 2
Photosynthesis: Pages 264-265
How Plants Eat: Pages 266-267
Plant Sensitivity: Pages 268-269

CSH Week 3
Parts of a Flower: Pages 270-271
Pollination: 272-273
Flowerless Plants: Pages 282-283

Off Week
Difference b/t Seeds & Fruits
Types of Fruit
Pages 274-275

Plant Lifestyles: Pages 288-289
Types of Cycles: Pages 292-293

CSH Week 4
Seed Dispersal Pages 276 (wind, water, animal, mechanical)
Germination Page 277

CSH Week 5
Types of Leaves: Pages 258-259
Vegetative Reproduction: Pages 278-279

CSH Week 6
Tree Lifestyles: Page 289





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