Lincoln, NE Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse


Welcome to Catholic Schoolhouse – Lincoln, NE!

We’re glad you’re here to learn a little more about our Chapter!

We will meet on Thursdays from 9:00 am-1:30 pm (Mass begins at 8:30 am) at Cristo Rey Catholic Church (4221 J Street) for 24 weeks throughout the school year.  Our schedule follows a 3 weeks ON, 1 week OFF rotation, allowing for mid-quarter breaks and breaks in between quarters.  We will meet from late August through early December.  Classes will resume in late January and finish up in early May.

Families have the opportunity to attend Mass in Spanish at 8:30 am.  At 9:00 am, We will officially begin the CSH day together with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and Chorus.  Students then break into classes separated by grade.   All students participate in age appropriate hands on Art and Science classes as well.  The Super Scholar program is available for all students who wish to achieve mastery of the Tour Guide content.  See Grammar and Dialectic for more details regarding both programs.

A pre-grammar classroom and nursery are available for all Catholic Schoolhouse families.

In addition to weekly classes, Catholic Schoolhouse offers quarterly field trips, moms nights out, and a Semester Showcase to allow students to perform memory work and chorus selections for family members and display their art work.  Opportunities for a spring play will vary by year.

Each family is responsible for purchasing a Year 2 Tour Guide, History Cards and Music Memory Work CD.  All are available at the Catholic Schoolhouse Store or may be purchased through your director.

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun-filled year!