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1st Quarter Hand motions–Religion and Timeline

August 18, 2015 | Posted by Lincoln, NE Catholic Schoolhouse

Songs are so much fun with hand motions*  and they help with memory, too.   See what your children remember from class, and give them a try.  :)

Here is your link to the first quarter Religion songs.

History Timeline

Written by Sarah Kopliku
Indianapolis Catholic Schoolhouse

Week 1

-use index fingers to draw a big circle, start at top center, meet bottom center
-move both hands forward in snakelike motion to represent two rivers
Sumerians, c4000 BC
-roll fists around one another to represent the first wheel
Nile River Towns, c4000 BC
-hold one arm out to represent Nile, point to spots along arm to represent towns
Indus Valey Civilization c3000 BC
-make the letters I, V, and C in ASL

Week 2

Noah’s Ark
-make two hopping bunnies with your hands
Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt
-make two “Es” in ASL, hold one high and one low, then bring together
The Great Pyramid at Giza c2555 BC
-draw triangle in the air with index finger
7 Wonders of the Ancient World
-hold up 7 fingers, raise eyebrows in wonder
Tower of Babel
-slide open hands upward (palms facing in), “talk” with hands once raised

Week 3

Minoans c3000-1100 BC
-make bull horns on your head to represent Minoan art
The Call of Abraham c2000 BC
-cup hand beside mouth as if calling out to someone
Sacrifice of Isaac
-pretend to hold up a dagger with both hands
-assume a wrestler’s stance (get low, hold hands in front of you with elbows bent)
Shang Dynasty c1800-1046 BC
-bow in Chinese fashion

Week 4

Code of Hammurabi c1750 BC
-write in air
Hyksos Kings Invade Egypt c1720 BC
-pull imaginary arrow in imaginary bow
Joseph in Egypt
-pretend to put on coat, then make “E” in ASL
Iron Use by Hittites c1500 BC
-pretend to swing hammer like a blacksmith
The Mycenaeans c1450-1100 BC
-hold imaginary sword and shield like a warrior ready to fight

Week 5

-pretend to take off your shoes
Exodus c1280 BC
-hold hands together (palms facing forward), then spread arms wide to represent parting the Red Sea
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
-hold up and blow imaginary horns, then raise hands and drop them to represent the falling walls
Ramses II c1279 BC
-stack imaginary stones to represent the many monuments built by Ramses
Trojan War 1194-1184 BC
-“War” in ASL (hold open hands palms facing about a foot apart, move right and left)

Week 6

Hebrew Judges c1220-1050 BC
-hit fist of right hand onto open left palm
Hebrew Kings 1050-930 BC
-pretend to put a crown on your head
Phoenicians c1100-701 BC
-draw uppercase A in the air
Isreal Splits into Two Kingdoms 930 BC
-fold hands with fingers intertwined, pull apart quickly
Assyrian Empire c1350-609 BC
-palms together, spread apart slowly to represent growth


*Religion songs use ASL, and the History Timeline uses mostly hand motions with some ASL.